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WYO WELL PROJECT E28/2343&E28/2860

Kurnalpi, Western Australia

  • A Prospector  has acquired the ground surrounding a discovery area within Exploration Licence E28/2343 & ELA28/2860 consisting of 47  Blocks or about 120sq kilometres.
  • History of companies searching for a VMS Zn deposit since the 1970s include Amax, Aquitane, Seltrust, WMC min the Colour Dam area. Refer: Wamex Reports: A4745, A3802, A7845, A63917, A7684.
  • The geology of discovered area includes foliated siltstones, black shales and quartz veining which are anomalous in zinc and gold.
  • Anomalous zones defined by auger soil geochemistry (peak result 2032ppm Zn) close to the margin of granite batholith.
  • Fact mapping has shown isolated metasedimentary rock units and mafic inliers in granite indicating north and north east trending faults.
  • Mapping has revealed iron rich gossans with anomalous zinc and silver peaking at 2965ppmZn and 4.5g/t Ag. Two other gossans have been identified with significant values using Niton XRF analysis (2000 - 3000ppm Zn).
  • RC drilling outside the anomalous area has a peak result of 3000ppmZn, 2g/tAu.
  • Circular structure interpreted as a pipe structure with drilling indicating the presence of arenites and tuffaceous material suggesting a volcanic arc association.
  • A TEM survey by Southern Geoscience Consultants indicated the presence of a '"sulphide type" strong anomaly central to the mapped area at two discrete depths. A second anomaly of approximately 1 km length was also discovered south east of the mapped area



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